The monetary value of a t.Lab scholarship ranges from $3,000 through $6,000 per year.  As good stewards we are required to be diligent and properly manage all resources especially human and financial capital. t.Lab scholarships are provided on a yearly basis.  Each year parents and students are required to submit a formal request while maintaining minimum academic performance and leadership standards. A formal request consists of:

1.            A cover letter (from parents, addressed to t.Lab requesting consideration or renewal of a scholarship.  The cover letter  should include name(s) of students, grades, and the reasons for requesting a scholarship.

2.             An essay from each student identifying the following:             
                                a.             Reason(s) for participating in t.Lab.
                                b.             Expected academic and leadership skill goals to be                                                           realized within the year.
                                c.             Expected sacrifices to be made while participating in                                                           t.Lab
                                d.             Career objectives
                                e.             Current level of performance – both academic and                                                              leadership skills. 

3.            Criteria for scholarship approval:

                                • Quality and strength of letters
                                • Academic performance (did you meet minimum t.Lab usage                                              requirements)
                                • Participation in t.Lab Parent University- at least 90% attendance
                                • Participation and support for t.Lab fundraisers and events. 

​                                •  Utilization of t.Lab Systems- at least 90%

                 If you did not meet the requirements above, please state your  reason(s) for not meeting requirements and your plans for realizing scholarship requirements in 2019-2020. Click the "PROCEED TO SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION" button to continue with the application process.