t.Lab Global Events


We are excited about realizing key goals in FY 2023 and FY 2024:

FY 2023 will have t.Lab realizing the following goals:

1. Complete Phase 4 of the Drive to 25 
2. Complete Onboarding for additional students in Kenya, Nigeria,

    Costa Rica, Philippines and Singapore  
3. Drive Growth of Social Media Campaign - 150K Followers   

4. Enhance Technology Platform 

5. Enhance Fundraising Program

6. Enhance PodCast and Blog

7. Host 1st Annual Parent Conference

8. Host 1st Annual Hackathon  

 • Parent University and Student Leadership Training

t.Lab Parent University and Student Leadership Training will include new syllabi for FY 2023. Program enhancements will enable both parents and students to better align with each other while realizing key t.Lab benchmarks. Both programs will focus on establishing and executing an academic vision and strategy. The next Parent University and Student Leadership will be held on the 4th Saturday of the month at 9:00 AM. These sessions leverage our Zoom Meeting System. 

• t.Lab Study Skills Class

Explore how t.Lab Study Skills Class can help students use study tips and strategies to manage tougher classes, homework, and tests with ease. This course is for 5th Grade and above. 

t.Lab Study Skills Class will be held on the second week of each month (Tuesday-Friday) from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST. Call-in details will be provided.

To participate in this course, students are REQUIRED to bring the following:

1. Academic Regimen
2. Textbooks for Current Classes
3. Course, Syllabus, and Outlines
4. Handouts and class content materials.   

• t.Lab ACT Simulation Test and Gap Analysis

t.Lab will have its ACT Simulation Test four weeks before the scheduled national ACT test. We will start at exactly 7:00 AM EST using t.Lab's content delivery system at www.tlab-global.com. Please come prepared following t.Lab's Virtual Systems Requirements and bring (2) pencils and a calculator. 

The Gap Analysis will be conducted on Fridays following the ACT Boot Camp test from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM ET.

• 2023 Spelling Bee Contest

Our Spelling Bee Contest for 2024 will be held in April 2024. Please stay tuned for details.  Please contact Ms. Kathleen Valencia at 888 327-3387 for additional details. 

• 2024 Bishop Gibert Oratory Contest
You are invited to participate in oratory contest in May 2024. Stay tuned for details.

Please contact Ms. Kathleen Valencia at 888 327-3387 for additional details. 

• ​International Hour of Prayer

t.Lab will host an International Hour Of Prayer for the Education of African American Students on Friday before the National ACT Examination.  The expected dates are Friday, September 8, 2023, October 27, 2023 and December 8, 2023. 

• Student Academic Performance Evaluation:

We are conducting individual meetings with parents and students starting  October 16 through October 31, 2023, to discuss parent and student performance in t.Lab. The outcomes of these meetings include revised learning plans, academic regimens, or recommendations for other academic programs.  

• Posting Grades and Revising Student Leadership Assessments:

Parents are expected to post grades and revise student leadership assessments
in Student Management System.  Any questions please contact t.Lab at 888 327-3387 ext. 0

• Tutoring Schedule

The requirements for tutoring are 1) Completed Academic Regimen; 2) Weekly Review; 3) Completed Student Management System Profile; 4) Completed Study Skills Training and Study Plan, and 5) Current services fees. 

 • Study Circle Teams:

Students are expected to participate in study circle teams.  The Study Circle Team concept requires students to assist each other with studying and learning academic materials including English, Math, Reading, Science, and Technology.   


• Technology Certification

t.Lab is an approved vendor for several technology certification programs including 1) Apple, CISCO, Comptia, and Microsoft   t.Lab offers training courses and certification tests.  Over 100 students have pursued these critical skills! These certifications and skills are in high demand.   If you are seeking to enhance your skills or looking for a new career – please contact us at 888 327-3387 Ext 0.